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Le Fort Fracture Pin

$10.00 USD

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French surgeon René Le Fort (1869 –1951) took dismembered heads, struck them with objects like cannonballs and bats, boiled the flesh off the skulls, and took notes on what he found. We now call bony injuries of the mid-face "Le Fort fractures", graded I through III. A grade I Le Fort fracture courses transversely through the maxilla, a grade II through the maxilla and nasal bridge, and a grade III through the nasal bridge and floors of the orbits - a condition called "craniofacial dysjunction" in which the bones of your face are no longer, technically, attached to your head. Le Fort's classification is still used by physicians today.

A collaboration project with @deathunderglass

Size: 1.5" tall

This soft enamel pin is cast from black nickel, filled with colorful enamel and finished with a smooth epoxy coating.