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Rorschach Test: Card I Pin

Hermann Rorschach devised the Rorschach Ink Blot Method in 1921 as a way to diagnose schizophrenia. This method was used as a psychological test in which the subject's perceptions of a set of standardized inkblots were recorded and analyzed at length. While not his original intention, this test came to be used to examine personality characteristics and emotional functioning. 

Card I, being the first card presented to the subject, is of particular importance. The image itself is easy to interpret, with a wide array of possible answers such as butterfly, bat, or moth. What is examined, instead, is the subject's response to the stress of beginning the test. How quickly the subject answers and how many questions they ask (e.g. Am I holding this the right way up? Can I turn it?) can give the examiner insight into how the subject handles new, stressful situations.

Criticized as a pseudoscience, the Rorschach Method is now often considered too subjective on the part of the examiner to be considered a reliable psychological test. 

(Not so) Fun fact: Rorschach died of peritonitis from a ruptured appendix at the age of 37.

Size: 1" wide

This hard enamel pin is cast from black nickel and filled with white enamel with screen-printed details.