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Don't Get Murdered By Germs Keychain - H1N1 Edition

The influenza A virus subtype H1N1 was responsible for the worldwide "swine flu" pandemic of 2009, which resulted in an estimated 151,700-575,400 deaths worldwide in less than a year.

While typically dubbed the "swine flu", the H1N1 novel virus was found to have genetic elements from four different flu viruses: the North American swine influenza, North American avian influenza, human influenza, and Eurasian swine influenza virus.

It is estimated that 11–21% of the global population, or around 700–1400 million people contracted the illness, spread mainly from person to person through coughing or sneezing, or by touching something or someone with the H1N1 virus and then touching their face. It is believed that poor hand hygiene and infection control precautions were to blame for a large number of the worldwide cases.

Researchers have estimated that if everyone routinely washed their hands, a million deaths would be prevented every year. A MILLION! Don't murder, wash your hands!

Inspired by the awesome My Favorite Murder Podcast!

This hard enamel keychain is cast from black nickel and filled with colorful, smooth enamel.

Size: 1.75" tall

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