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Phlebotomy Pin Pack

Professional vampires, the lot of ya!

This awesome pin pack contains 5 unique Rad Girl Creations pins designed just for you and your awesome specialty!

Pin Specs:

- Thrombocyte Pin - 0.7" tall - black nickel - hard enamel

- Red Blood Cell Pin - 0.5" wide - silver nickel - hard enamel 

- Vampire Blood Drop Pin - 0.9" tall - silver nickel - hard enamel

- Order of Draw Pin - 1.5" wide - silver nickel - hard enamel with recessed metal
- Biohazard Warning Sign Pin - 0.75" tall - black nickel - hard enamel with screen printing

The idea behind these pin packs was to create more profession-specific pins while offering them in a bundle to save you money! I try to mix styles and colors as I design them, so there's something for everyone. If some of the pins in this pack aren't your style pass them on to friends and colleagues!

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