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Wholesale Rad Backs

I am excited to offer new incentive level volume discounts in the Rad Backs Wholesale Program for 2024. The more Rad Backs you buy, the greater you profit margins will be!

Here are the volume discounts for wholesale orders:

Standard Retail Price per Rad Back: $1.5 USD

100+ Rad Backs = 50% discount

500+ Rad Backs = 55% discount

1000+ Rad Backs =60% discount

Plus, you receive FREE SHIPPING on all orders of 500+ Rad Backs (use coupon code 500RADSHIP)

Please note:

  • Wholesale orders ship from Canada. Additional customs or import fee may occur for international orders.
  • Unless otherwise discussed, Rad Backs will be shipped in bulk wholesale packaging of bags of 50 or 100. Retail packaging in tubes of 10 are available for an additional cost of $1 USD per pack of 10.

All online listings or in-person sale displays must include the following:

  • The name “Rad Backs” to describe the item being sold, either within the listing title or listing description.
  • A line in the listing description that reads “Original invention by Rad Girl Creations, U.S. Pat. No. 12,004,607"

U.S. Pat. No. 12,004,607

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